Study Hacks on Campus: Putra University of Malaysia


Welcome to Study Hacks on Campus (SHOC) for Putra University of Malaysia. Our semester will begin on the 28th December 2009. Much earlier than the rest of you all !

Though, the title may seem to indicate for students only from Putra University, it is not exclusive for them only. Thus, students attending any private or local learning institutions in Malaysia are free to join too. =)


What is Study Hacks on Campus?

Study hacks on campus is basically study techniques devised by Cal Newport, a post doctorate fellow at MIT. Interestingly, he earned exactly 36 A’s and 1 A- during his entire undergraduate years as a Computer Science major at Dartmouth College.

So how did Cal do it?

His techniques were outlined in 2 of his books which are, How to Win at College (Broadway Books, 2005) and How to Become a Straight A Student (Broadway Books,2006) Some parts of the techniques can be read on

Why should you join this group?

I’m not sure about you, but I sure want to do well in college and not sacrifice other aspects of life.  Too many people have the impression that if someone is doing well he must be a grinder (a grinder is someone who studies for long stretches of hours and usually complains about his hardships to others) The key to the “study hacks” technique is efficiency.

What will the group do?

  1. Study hacks is experiment centric. Every fortnight, members will meet up and discuss what they have obtained from study techniques agreed during the previous meeting.
  2. Members will then discuss on the week’s current topic
  3. Members should come up with new strategies to experiment for the upcoming 2 weeks

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